Words from the Artist: 

​My work is based upon the study of chemistry, biology and botany. The use of fire in wood, is the moment of greatest incarnation of the ideas at play. Furs, leather and skin are becoming essentials when working with aspects of warmth, shelter and secretions, as the boundary of the physical with the external world. The introduction of color inside the form becomes part of a new area of investigation in the relationship of form and color as the direct relationship with the astral body. 

Within land art, is that my work tries to make clear that nature is not on great harmony, that is difficult and overwhelming to absorb the whole strength given by a landscape. It becomes necessary to create ports of observation and to balance the impressions given by a particular place. Thus the observation of specific areas in a definite landscape is made possible by considering the possibility to become one with the landscape. There are forms that can stop and yield the already existing impressions, through the creation of a bridge to penetrate it. Thus, allowing the two dimensional aspects to present itself. 

In the fields of architecture and design it becomes important to mark rhythmical experience of space. To play with the law of perspective and the asymmetrical aspects of form so strongly forgotten by modern architecture.  


It's difficult to describe Javier and his work in a phrase. Javier brings intelligence wrapped in vision to each of his designs using the mediums wood, metal, site specific, ice, snow and so much more. Javier has designed art suites and most recently the church at ICEHOTEL

Javier Opazo of Chile