Photos from the 2012 book signing launch in NYC:

Book Signing Festivities 

​'A collection of Bengt Nilsson's photography documenting all phases of construction of the ICEHOTEL in Northern Sweden

Includes all of the artists' suites for 6 years and the articles written about each suite and the artists that created them'

'This exquisite book includes the photography of Swedish photographer, Bengt Nilsson as he documented all phases of the construction of Ice Hotel located in the Arctic Circle, Sweden. It is a compilation of six catalogues that include photographs of the famous ice bars, ice church, main hall and reception as well as the luxury suites and art suites. Each includes a passage describing the design process and artists' thoughts.

Ice Hotel: Art & Design also includes the never before told history of the friendship between Ake Larsson, Ice Hotel architect and Arne Bergh, Ice Hotel creative director and their journey of more than twenty years creating this magical winter wonderland. It is truly an amazing story of creative partnership and lifelong friendship. Other chapters include the natural phenomenon, Northern Lights and the harvesting of the ice from the Torne River each March.

Contents: The Art & Design Story - An Art Venture of Ake Larsson & Arne Bergh;Ice Hotel - Reception; Ice Hotel - Main Hall; Ice Hotel - Ice Chandelier; Ice Hotel - Art Suites 2006-2012; Ice Hotel Landscape & Light; ICEHOTEL Melting; Ice Hotel's Unsung Heroes; Northern Lights; Ice Hotel Art & Design Group; Photographer Big Ben; Artist Index; Writer Index.

Mary Gibbons is an author and art enthusiast from Greenwich, Connecticut who has written about the Ice Hotel for the past several years. She has written many of the Ice Hotel catalogues as well as articles for several publications. Ms. Gibbons took a sabbatical in 2005 - 2006 to work on the construction/design crew for Ice Hotel; she has returned to Northern Sweden and Ice Hotel each winter and continues to be in awe!

Swedish photographer Bengt Nilsson - "Big Ben" - has been involved with Ice Hotel for more than a decade. Big Ben is responsible for the Art & Design catalogue. Based in Stockholm, Big Ben's photography has spanned art photography, commercial and fashion photography and he worked with ELLE in Paris for 12 years. Ben will tell you his favorite subject has been the ice and snow of Ice Hotel. His work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Paris, Washington D. C. and Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. Ben is also working on the book Arctic Women and their Art and the Greenwich Harbor Arts catalogue.'

ICEHOTEL: The Definitive Book