I have certainly taken the scenic route through this wonderful life.  The constant thread has been a love of adventure, art, and "all things arctic!"  

While studying architecture at the University of Buffalo I fell in love with the cold, snow and light that came with the winter months.  

My studies were briefly interrupted while I spent time in Lake Placid, New York chasing a dream of being an Olympic Luger for the 1980 Winter Olympics.  That was such an exciting time!  I didn't make the final team, but loved the entire experience none the less. 

Fast forward through decades of "busy-ness" , enjoying every moment raising incredible children, being involved with several disciplines of design, writing on and off - including a one woman show "...a little bit of Mar..." in 1999. and paying the bills as a Kitchen and Bath designer; I had a full life but something was missing. 

My life took a monumental turn in 2005 when I was watching the Discovery Channel and saw a documentary on ICEHOTEL.  It brought me to tears.  I knew I needed to go to Northern Sweden, to the Torne River, to help build the ICEHOTEL.  Through a series of phone calls with the Creative Director, Arne Bergh, I was able to convince him to allow this "girl from New York" to come help build this magical winter wonderland. My first jaunt to Jukkasjarvi, home to ICEHOTEL was in November of 2005, and I was able to stay until the end of January 2006.  During that time I was a "snice girl" as part of the building team.  I was also able to help all the artists as they created the magnificent art suites that make ICEHOTEL so unique.  


Since 2005 I have been fortunate enough to continue to be involved with ICEHOTEL; traveling each winter to the Northern Arctic Circle to this fantasy of a place!  My several tasks at ICEHOTEL have included helping to build, being part of the Support Team, teaching the local High School Art students a course on ICEHOTEL, writing the Art and Design Catalogue, contributing writer of ICEHOTEL - The Definitive Book on Art & Design, and now leading tours to ICEHOTEL as part of my ARCTIC ADVENTURE BUCKET LIST TOUR.  

This February 2019 will be my 4th tour through the Arctic. 

While traveling through the Arctic exploring other venues for my tour I have created wonderful relationships with dog sledders, ice artists, Sami leaders, reindeer herders, and other Arctic venues; such as Treehotel and Arctic Bath!  I have often said

"The Arctic is the Warmest Place on this Planet!" 

My love of writing has been a trigger fo further exploration of the Arctic.  2018 took me to the Arctic Assembly in Iceland, the Wilson Center in Washington D. C., and to the tundra of Utqiagvik (Barrow) Alaska!!  

I look forward to the Arctic Assembly this October 2018 in Iceland, my 2019 Arctic Adventure Bucket List Tour, my trip to Kamchukta, Russia in June 2019 by invitation from the Minister of Economic Trade and Development. 

I am one lucky lady!!

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